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by Christine Nardecchia

Christine Nardecchia

So many of you have told us why you choose to stay in Dublin. Some of you have raised your children here and have settled in for the long haul. Some of you have chosen to relocate here to be closer to family, or to be in an engaged community with outstanding quality of life. Whatever your reasons, we have listened and learned, and launched Forever Dublin in response to your desire to age in place here. While you’ve shared your stories with us, it’s time you shared your stories with one another.

So – welcome to our Forever Dublin blog – a way for our residents to share their reasons for choosing and remaining in Dublin. Stories are as diverse as the extraordinary people who are living here, are retired here, in second or “encore careers,” enjoying children, grandchildren, and who are thriving while enjoying the quality of life in Dublin.

We invite you to share your story. Email us. Keep up with Attend a class or event. Reach out to our Navigator who can assist with all topics relating to aging in place. Or just enjoy reading about your fellow residents, who we’re so glad have decided to make Dublin their forever home!

Christine Nardecchia is the Director of Outreach & Engagement for the City of Dublin, OH.

Great Event With People, Plants & Sunshine

On a beautiful, sunny fall day, Forever Dublin hosted an outdoor event to educate and even entertain some plant lovers. About 20 fellow Dubliners brought unwanted garden plants to the Swap Meet Up to share with other plant lovers, and pick up some new ones for their garden. The Dublin Nature Education Coordinator shared educational sessions to present tips and advice for healthy gardens and plants.

Check out our Events page for upcoming events. It’s great to learn something new!

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Where Your Tax Dollars Go

No one likes paying taxes, right, but it’s important to know where your dollars go. This graphic from the City of Dublin breaks it down so you can see where your money is being spent. In this example for a $300,000 home only $201 goes to Dublin. Pretty interesting. Our amazing city is supported by residents but to a large degree by our business community and income taxes.

Presentations On Topics Selected For You

Brought To You By The Hub

Beth Baker, the Forever Dublin staff navigator, has invited subject matter experts to present new ideas and opportunities for Dublin residents 55+. Because of Covid 19 restrictions, these are Zoom presentations and you do need to register ahead of time. All presentations are FREE! You can check out the upcoming events here.

Past Presentation

Missed a presentation? No problem. All our Zoom presentations are recorded so you can view them at your leisure. Please feel free to share them with family and friends. See the list of recorded presentations here.