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You Are 55+ And Ready For The Next Adventure

Maybe you’re fully retired or winding down your career. You love living in Dublin and want to stay here, but what’s next?

Forever Dublin is a site committed to sharing  new things to learn, new experiences and a diverse opportunities to continue to be part of our vibrant community.

There can be challenges for older adults, too, so we have included information for caregivers and resources that are available only to those adults 55+.

We want all our residents to be well, live well and stay right here.

Be Inspired

Created and curated for adults 55+, here are ezines that may inspire you to try new things, set new goals and make a new kind of impact on your community and the world.

As a generation, the over-50s are a critically important demographic. They are a huge and wealthy generation, controlling $15 trillion in assets and income. Their political, social and economic standing makes them the most powerful generation to have ever lived. Despite this, brands and media have all but written them off, treating them as out-to-pastures, winding down the clock on an eternal last weekend: playing golf, taking cruises, and struggling with Viagra packaging. But that was their parents.

From where we sit, something very different is happening. All aspects of how later life is being lived are changing and AGEIST has positioned itself to better understand these changes, to help our partners and clients get ahead of the curve.

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Disrupt Aging is a place to have a new conversation — often funny, sometimes raw, always honest — about how we want to live and age.

We will celebrate all those who own their age. We will hold a mirror up to the ageist beliefs around us. We will feature new ways of living and aging, and the products and solutions that make this possible.

We will partner with companies and communities to create new solutions that work for all of us at any age. And we will get this story — our story — out there. It’s time to change the conversation

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Author Louise Aronson says she sees many examples of ageism in her role as a geriatrician in San Francisco, and throughout our culture. “You’d never say what people routinely say about old people about another class of people,” she says.

So, Aronson wrote Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, Reimagining Life, an insightful work about what she has learned treating older patients and, in her opinion, the folly of American culture’s tendency to “talk about the bads of old age and not the goods,” she says.

“People look at geriatrics and old age as the thing that happens before you die,” she adds. “No. It lasts decades and has all these stages and substages and most of them are quite wonderful for most people. A big message of the book is that so much of what’s horrible about old age isn’t about aging nearly as much as it is about our dysfunctional approach to it.”

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