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Washington Township Fire Department

The Department provides fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical services and fire safety/prevention education programs for the residents of Washington Township. The Washington Township service area encompasses 27.5 square miles and includes the City of Dublin and portions of Franklin, Delaware, and Union counties.

We have programs and services developed for older adults in our community, from CPR Training to fun events for you to enjoy with your grandchildren. To request a presentation for your club, community group or civic organization, use our convenient program request form to request a topic and date.

Learn CPR and how to use an automatic external defibrillator, or AED. Developed by the American Heart Association, this class addresses pediatric and adult CPR, recognizing and relieving a choking victim, recognizing the signs of a heart attack, and how to use an AED. This class is not for healthcare providers. Ages 12 and up.

CPR & AED Certification

Until Help Arrives – If you are ever involved in or witness a traumatic accident, would you know what to do to help until first responders arrive? Find out what information is most important to convey to emergency dispatchers and what you can re-purpose from your surroundings to help a victim in shock or suffering from severe injuries. An experienced paramedic and emergency dispatcher bring their first-hand knowledge of emergency situations to this class to prepare you to react in a way that could save someone’s life. Ages 13 & up (ages 13-16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian).

Until Help Arrives

Vial of Life –Let the Vial of Life speak for you, if you are ever in need of medical attention and are unconscious or unable to speak. Record your medical history, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, and doctors on the Vial of Life form and hang it on your refrigerator or near a door where emergency responders can access it to help you or a family member.

Learn more here.

Blood Pressure ChecksStop by any of our four fire stations for a free blood pressure check, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. No appointment is needed. Please note that if firefighter/paramedics don’t answer the door, they are answering an emergency call.

Station 91 – 6255 Shier Rings Rd.

Station 92 – 4497 Hard Rd.

Station 93 – 5825 Brand Rd.

Station 95 – 5750 Blazer Parkway

Smoke Alarm Battery InstallationDo you need help changing the batteries in your home’s smoke alarms? Call 614-652-3920 Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm to request a visit from a fire department staff member. Residents must be present during the fire department visit and provide proper batteries.

Smoke Alarm Battery Installation

Child Car Seat Installation – Secure your most precious cargo—your little ones. Parents, grandparents and caretakers can breathe a sigh of relief after our certified car seat technician shows you how to properly secure your child car seat, reviews its many features with you, and checks your seat against a recall list. By appointment only.

Childrens Car Seat Installation

Home Hazard Consultation –Our fire inspectors are pros at identifying fire, electrical, tripping, and other hazards in and around your home. They will provide suggestions for reducing the fire and injury risks they see as they walk through and around your residence. No inspection reports. No fines or other penalties.  But, you can expect satisfaction from knowing what you can do to make your home a safer place for your family.

Home Hazard Consultation

Citizen Fire Academy – It’s a hands-on, firefighter-led experience of adventure and fun. Feel what it’s like to operate the “jaws of life,” aim a charged fire hose at a live fire, climb a 75-foot ladder, rappel from our four-story training tower, and use the same equipment and tools paramedics use for medical emergencies. It’s all about the duties, challenges and skill set needed to be a firefighter/paramedic/rescue technician.

Citizen Fire Academy is geared toward adults of all ages (18 and up) and fitness abilities. Participate to the extent that you are able and or feel comfortable. All necessary protective and safety gear is provided for use during the class. Priority is given to City of Dublin and Washington Township residents. Ages 18 & up.

Citizen Fire Academy

Request a Program – Request a presentation for your club, community group, or civic organization. Use our convenient program request form at the link below to request a topic and date.

Request a Program

Community Garden –We provide the 12’ x 14’ plot and access to water, and you bring the passion to turn the soil, sow the seeds and harvest fresh food and flowers. Our community gardeners are a friendly, helpful bunch. You don’t need experience to be successful, just a willingness to learn and maintain your garden for the duration of the growing season.

Community Garden

Knox Boxes® are small metal boxes designed to safely secure entry keys in the event of an emergency. Having a Knox Box® can eliminate the need for forced entry and potential structural damage, and allow a quicker entrance. While Knox Boxes® may be more common in commercial applications, they can also be quite useful in residential settings. For example, if a resident lives alone and there is a medical emergency, a Knox Box® would allow rapid entry without the resident’s assistance. If you think a Knox Box® would be of value to you, call the Fire Department at 614-652-3920 and speak with our Fire Prevention Bureau about how to order one or visit our website for instructions.

Knox Boxes