Forever Dublin – My Home

There is something for everyone in Dublin. It is a well-planned city and the city invests in maintaining the beauty of the city. The city required developers to meet the green space and other requirements which has given a consistent look though out the city regardless of when an area was built. 

The city has been willing to take risks (had the finances to do so) which  has paid off. Companies and others want to be here because they can requirement well-educated workers and the community is an easy sell to investors. 

The city has opportunities for citizens to be engaged and takes their recommendations seriously. 

Excellent School system and many colleges and universities within the region 

Why have you decided to continue to live in Dublin?

My son loved growing up in Dublin and believed the city and school district continued to improve so he moved his family to Dublin. I had always said, where ever my son ends up long-term, I would ultimately move there. Lucky for me he returned to Dublin, allowing me to continue my engagements and friends. 

The city has addressed the issue of not having a diversity of housing options …now having condos, apartments, small and large houses , etc. This allows all of us to move on a continuum, as we age and our housing needs change. 

I believe it is a city easy to get around in as well. Although it is largely car dependent, the organization of the city makes moving throughout it easy.

There is a continued willingness of the city to take risks, like the Bridgepark area. We are always on the cutting edge of what every resident population group is looking for to enhance their lives. 

Great restaurants and small shoppes. While the pandemic has resulted in a number of small business closings, there is still a reasonable variety and more opening every month.

I’m looking forward to the next generation of the Metro Campus, and what that redevelopment will bring to Dublin.