Past Presentations

For those who weren’t able to join us for one of our virtual presentations, we have recorded them. You can view them at your leisure, and feel free to share them with family and friends.

Introduction to Smart Homes

Representatives from Syntero, the City of Dublin and All American Smart Homes discuss smart home technology.

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Vaccinations: The Science Behind Them

OhioHealth physicians discuss how vaccines are developed.

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VOICEcorps Reading Service enriches lives by reading printed news and information to people who are blind, have low vision, or other conditions that prevent reading. You can stay informed, involved and engaged with the world and your community.

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Home for the Holidays

Helpful tips to maintain mental health and connectedness.

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Continuum of Care: Be An Informed Consumer

Presented by Bill Adams

We are faced with decisions about health care and living arrangements as we or our family members get older. The continuum of care refers to the wide range of choices ranging from help at home to senior apartments, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. This program describes those choices, financial considerations, and ways to make wise choices and advocate for the best care and services.

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Telehealth: The Doctor Will See You Now

In this interactive session, family physicians from OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital will discuss telehealth and answer your questions about this important health tool. Topics covered will include:

  • How to make an appointment
  • What to expect when scheduling an appointment
  • What to expect during your appointment
  • Common issues or concerns regarding a telehealth appointment
  • Tips to make your appointment the best for you!

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