Rolling with The Punches: Developing Resiliency To Combat Adversity

Dublin Library 75 N. High St., Dublin, OH

“Resilience” is the ability to adapt positively when faced with adversity. Studies show that resiliency plays a part in greater physical and emotional well-being as we age. Come and learn about what resiliency is, why it’s important to older adults, and how to use it to roll with life’s punches. Maggie Rusnak, MOT, a Community […]

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Home Accessibility Solutions, LLC – Your Home Modified!

Dublin Library 75 N. High St., Dublin, OH

Join Kris Parrish, OT and owner of Home Accessibility Solutions, for this informative presentation on how to make your home more livable as you age in place! He will be discussing a variety of Home Modifications ranging from quick fixes as well as large scale changes to the home which can all help to decrease the risk […]

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